social media on phoneWhile some businesses can live by a textbook code of what to post and how frequently to post it the truth is it’s different depending on your business. There are many rules of thumb that you can follow to improve your social media presence, but it will still need to be tailored to what your business can handle and the resources you can realistically reserve for it.

One of the key rules for social media success is to post ORIGINAL CONTENT. This could mean videos or photos (posts with visual content perform much better than those without) of things that an everyday person might not have access to. For example, you could post a behind-the-scenes shot of your employees hard at work or a video of you unveiling new products. All you have to do is find what it is that your consumers aren’t seeing that they might want to, and give that to them.

You could look at 10 different studies and they will tell you 10 different “best” practices for FREQUENCY of posting. Facebook has an overall theme of about 1 post per day, depending on the company, but this varies greatly. For instance, news stations will post an average of 5-7 posts per day. The KEY POINT you should take away is that you should post as frequently as you can deliver quality, original content without going over the recommended number of posts.

If you don’t have anything interesting to share then don’t do a post that day. Posting just for the heck of it and not getting any engagement because it’s not quality content, will result in you RANKING LOWER IN THE NEWSFEED.

Another key factor to keep in mind is your ratio of post topics. Does it follow the 411? The 411 refers to GENERAL POSTING RULE where for every 6 posts you make, 4 of them are fun, educational or shares from other (relevant) accounts, 1 is a soft promotion, and 1 is a hard promotion. People who follow you are generally already buying your product or service and they’ll be turned off if you’re only beating them over the head with PROMOTIONAL CONTENT.

If you still want a general guide to posting frequency you can find one below from Revive Social. Keep in mind; some platforms are less popular in states like Vermont. Twitter, for instance, only has a 17% following in rural areas. In a place like Vermont, this could mean you’re more likely to reach your audience on another platform.

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