Blogging can take a few forms. Often, those who don’t see the value in blogging as a business are imaging the wrong type of blog. I like to break blogs down into two categories. One type is when the blog is the actual business. From lifestyle bloggers to mommy bloggers to DIY bloggers, writing blogs and collecting money generated through ad revenue or sponsorships is their actual business. That is not the type of blog we are talking about. When we promote a blog page on your business’ website, it serves a different purpose. Businesses with blogs are able to establish themselves as trusted experts, maintain great SEO, and have a consistent stream of content for social media marketing.

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What Blogs Can Do for Businesses

Having fresh, consistently updated content on your website is so important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having strong SEO relies on a ton of factors that change frequently. Maintaining a strong blog with high-quality content can go a long way to clue search engines like Google into the fact that you have a high-quality website that they should be recommending to people.

Blogs are also great for your social media presence. We all know it can be hard to think of new posts to keep our pages active. If you have a blog that you post to monthly, that can give you something new to talk about and link to. Something important to keep in mind when it comes to social media is that you should always be linking to your website or giving some Call To Action (CTA) like a phone number or booking option. Social Media only benefits your business if it gets people off the social page and into your store or onto your website. Blogs give people a reason to click.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

A final reason to write a blog for your business is to establish yourself as an expert. You can create a situation where you are a source of news and information. If you work in tourism, write a blog about the best local ice cream shops. For radio, talk about new ad trends. If you own a car dealership, give people information on the top 5 things to know before you try to trade your car in. People need information, so establishing yourself as a trusted expert is a great way to position your business.

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