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Are you considering the way colors target your audience in 2019?

We know that when we select a photo of young women laughing on a beach or a puppy lounging in the sun or an older woman playing with her grandchild, we are targeting and attracting a different market with each one. We know that floral, spring backgrounds will speak to a different user than a rusted metal car would. It’s obvious to us that visuals, language, and every other aspect of our marketing strategies need to be tweaked in order to connect with the audience we want to target, but what about color? How can we choose colors when we think about branding for millennials?

Is the color of your brand signaling who your ideal customer is?

We’ve all seen logos and brand identities that signal to us that we are not their ideal customer. People can sense immediately when they walk into a store if they are a target market without even needing young 20-somethings to tell them. What are these silent indicators of belonging? Color.

Marketers and business owners are always talking about how to target the next generation. From memes to Snapchat filters to geotags, businesses are trying everything to engage with Millennials and Gen Z, and you have to remember, those two generations are very different. With the way trends and preferences are shifting so rapidly, largely due to the speed of social media and the influencers on those platforms, it’s important to not get left behind. Young generations are incredibly tuned in to marketing and they can see when you’re trying to pander to them and let me tell you, they don’t like it.

How do you avoid exposing yourself as an older, out of touch business owner when it seems impossible to stay with the latest trends and slang? Color.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular colors in marketing in 2019 so far. Each one of these signals a fresh, young, modern approach to the way the world is working. Shutterstock put out a list of the most popular colors in 2019, and it’s something to consider.

1. UFO Green

2. Plastic Pink

3. Photon Purple
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Have you ever used any of these colors? How might you utilize them? If you’re launching a new product, event, or company and you want to attract a younger clientele, these colors might be the keys to the kingdom.  They’re bold. They have high contrast. They’re not something you see every day. If your company is unique, fresh, modern, and one of a kind, your marketing and colors should be too.

For more ideas on branding for millennials and how to incorporate these bright colors into your marketing, check out the full article by Shutterstock.